A Woman’s Breasts

## Mountains, story tellers On their own merit Pinched by deciduous teeth And suckled by the softest lip They stand alone and apart Connecting the dots Of an inter-generational-symbiosis Renaturing the cut-halves Of the umbilical cord To a moment that in aloneness Transcends the beauty Of a playmaker, transformed to A fountain of supreme giving. And in that clench of teeth and tit You find … Continue reading A Woman’s Breasts

A Sri Lankan Woman

Sri Lankan woman, Stands at a junction, to embark, On a career or a baby, rarely both,  Toying with her need of the hour, To juggle the onus of Being the graceful gender, And a descendent, Of mitochondrial eve. How beautiful is a woman in a sari, A brief exhibition of her navel, A glimpse of cleavage, Her head nodding in the wind, With a … Continue reading A Sri Lankan Woman

A Portrait of an Old Man with Alzheimer’s

  The wrinkles, where hemispheres lay, In torrential tears, and hammock-ed lips. How, above the six pack, I now have silver-painted chest hairs While on the pinnacle, there are plaques Of knotty protein, what defines you, in your downhill Slope, the tau protein, holding the helm, In that dreaded Alzheimer’s.   How from the pathology of A heart infection, we go to losing our minds. … Continue reading A Portrait of an Old Man with Alzheimer’s

The Woman I Love

The basin between hipbones, Her fertile crescent. The emphasis On language, the grammar lesson She throws at you, my wife, the English teacher. How one woman, taught me How to pronounce Gaia, as Gaya, While walking aimlessly inside a park one day. How she reads herself to sleep, The lullaby serenading her cones and rods, The afterimage that slowly stitches Her eye lids to close. … Continue reading The Woman I Love

Domestic Violence

How universes apart Is the slap of her beautiful jawline, To the slap of her buttocks When she is sprawled all over, On your comfy lap. How easy for a woman To make a whore of herself, the lipstick boulevards That she enters and the soon after, when she will Hold you like a guardian angel, the twists And the turns of being her, The … Continue reading Domestic Violence

Woman 2

Explorer of a patriarchal universe, Far from Joan of Arc or Virgin Mary, The heresy on her blunted lips,  How she cannot swallow Everything man throws at her No pies or bananas or compliments. How the candyfloss world, man sees, Is embittering to her own two eyes, The fairytale-less universe she has inherited, And the moon she is, to lust and love, And the one … Continue reading Woman 2