10 Commandments

Like Moses I stand, The 10 commandments in my hand, And the world of Big Brother Hating me, as much as a liberal Hates Donald Trump. Jesus was hated, so was Donald. So am I, for being a Jesus surrogate, The vile eyes of evil, The serpent, showing me the apple, And my teeth biting my lip Knowing temptation is just a woman With big … Continue reading 10 Commandments


There is nothing more subjective than god. Some people carry him in their pockets, Some on their tongue, Some on their back, While other they camouflage god Inside profanities, And still god, he creeps through Cracks in your system, Beautifying that strange sanctum Called the soul, with bullet Proof walls. God is just Weatherproofing tomorrow With today’s paint, and what you Have at the end, … Continue reading God


On a skull hill Overlooking a sleepy town There was a man who was evicted.  He was whipped, clothes ripped apart Humiliated in front of throngs, Paraded with two cut throat thieves, And hung on a cross of timber. And today, he is still found on a million crosses, On bed stands, between clavicles, On the tip of rosaries. And this man, a fisherman, Who … Continue reading Conchology

The Pharisees

Downtown, there are young men Looking out of the pear-lens To see the apple of the eye.  And that pear, that stretches Every dimension of humanness Ensures the falling of throngs To the trendy all-purpose lifestyle of sin. And we are told today, that while Pre-marital sex and lying are redundant Humility and confessionals are the cornerstones Of a catholic faith that is increasingly Acquiescent, … Continue reading The Pharisees

Fools in Faith

Faith is a conduit between two parties And prayer the pidgin, the lingua franca. It is the conjecture of fluke Made more mathematically favorable When laid bare by soul. And prayer, is calling for a higher power While badass is a cry to be the central attraction. And the only difference between a pew in a church And the ring of a circus is, while … Continue reading Fools in Faith

Little White Church

From an amphitheater Of one martyr to a ghost town Where the fragrance of souls And stubs of candles still hover Like alien space crafts UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects Seemingly there is no glory in church In a rundown colonial edifice Cracks emerging like in the bastion of faith Plastered by story-telling Visibly this too is a parable That what is unscientific and unempirical … Continue reading Little White Church