Refugees to Welfare (The Migrant’s Story)

The dry eye, like the parched outback, And a salty tongue, And a Freemantle Doctor, That abets the refugees. The wind with a stethoscope And the noise of a cheering heart, Palpitating like mad, How a seasick heart raptures, At the first sight of land. A doctor that hears your accelerating Heartbeat and slowly bring You to a lonely beach, The morphine moments, When you … Continue reading Refugees to Welfare (The Migrant’s Story)

Refugees to Canada

## There are no more green cards. No more funnels, or bottle necks,   That hated man, shutting the gate, And prolonging the refugees’ misery   And on top of America, is a young man, A liberal, making enough room in welfare,   To absorb 25000 refugees. What is like, The sun, which gives free vitamin D   And drives photosynthesis. Freedom, Is the engine … Continue reading Refugees to Canada


The homeless man can only, Stitch cotton bricks around him. And march on dunes, on rocks, And across wadis and moist beds. While over near the Pacific Ocean, you see hundreds Of turtles, rushing to the ocean tide, Not knowing what lies inside, This mammoth saline fortress. Life is only a bounty, that in the absence, Of foundation or roots, Is just a movable panorama, … Continue reading Refugees

The Walk Through No Man’s Land

The faces eager for survival. The long walk through the cracked earth, And little tunnels of Ataturk’s land. The dawns of regathering your mettle, The eves of laying down your arms, The days that bridge dawn and dusk, Courage and desperation. And you just have to look at a little child To see, how amber like, their eyes are, Preserving the fossils of a long … Continue reading The Walk Through No Man’s Land

Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your loved ones the cheer of Christmas, from spirit to spirits, the joys of having your family and friends as a gathering, celebrating the year gone-by, with an eye for the coming year, while remembering that Joseph and Mary were refugees on the run and that throughout the world, there are many faces to the displaced, who will be spending their Christmas … Continue reading Merry Christmas


This poem of mine is found in the book – They wander map-less A group of Syrian Christians Marching, plodding, waddling Past frontiers laid by two tired pupils A life that was deracinated and given heel power As they walk until the talus Bone aches and the knee joints Start to quake in subtle tremors When they stop for the night Somewhere in Galliforme country … Continue reading Anecdotes

Syrian Refugees

A refugee has no country, town Street or house, a migrant Searching beyond the canopy of a tent To be an inhabitant of one terra firma Where partitions and pickets Are enclosures, walls are brick, Doors have locks and keyholes And curtains have kinetic sliding power A place for a night vigil Where minds can tranquilize Hearts can slow down and feet can rest As … Continue reading Syrian Refugees