The Walk Through No Man’s Land

The faces eager for survival. The long walk through the cracked earth, And little tunnels of Ataturk’s land. The dawns of regathering your mettle, The eves of laying down your arms, The days that bridge dawn and dusk, Courage and desperation. And you just have to look at a little child To see, how amber like, their eyes are, Preserving the fossils of a long … Continue reading The Walk Through No Man’s Land

Little Jesus

It seems this Christmas It has snowed in the Sahara After 37 long years, while in Melbourne The temperature rises to near 40. And over in the Arctic, Santa and his little helpers Are waiting to deliver beautifully wrapped presents To the needy, while over in Turkey, there are queues Of people, gathering over a truck that delivers Blankets, refugees that have pitched Tents in … Continue reading Little Jesus