The Ocean

Holding Hands Sea Relationship People Happiness
Holding Hands Sea Relationship People Happiness

Can’t we swim or even drown
In this boundless dominion?
Can we fly like a giant squid, wings gliding,
Summoned to the call of the benthic wilderness?
And can we grip each other in cephalopod tentacles,
With the purchase of slimy seaweed?
Can we make love like dolphins
Pleasure being our only steer?
Can I be like the dinoflagellates burning their fire cysts
Glow slowly transforming to her afterlife?
Can I bathe you in brine and take the ocean out of you
Through the gauze that is your skin?
Oh look love, how the seabed
Is filled with kaleidoscopic coral,
Sponges, starfish and stone fish
Almost as if there’s another world on the ocean floor.
And look, oh look, how tiny that electric eel is now,
Prowling through the rocks
Waiting for the ocean to be filled back up.

Creatures of the Dark

Sea Breaching Ocean Humpback Whale Mammal Animal

There is beauty in light, like in the luciferin
Hidden on the ventral side
Of winged beetles; creatures we call fireflies,
And they turn luminous green
Underneath their abdomen
Emanating chemi-luminescence.
And these flying lanterns,
– Soft-bodied creatures flying with their elytra -,
Make children run on the trimmed lawn
And the inner child climb out
Of able-bodied cocoons.

There is still beauty
In darkness, when two people sleep
To each other’s lullaby, nocturnal creatures
That smolder like twigs in winter.
Pitch black is when you become only as lucid
As the clarity of her body on yours,
Drowning you in a landslide.
When you let the invisible hand
Guide you to the heart of the tempest;
Huracan raging in wind, fire and storm
Ravaging the ravenous.

And you feel all sorts of creatures in the dark
Sharks inside your lips pillaging hers
Little dinoflagellates inside margins of your irises
Whales waiting to burst out through a sweet spot
And the ocean flowing from inside to out
Through every pore in your skin.

Blue To Green

TRON Beach

You travel across, through the tumbling waves
From the blues, a blue note strikes ever so frequent
An anomaly, a staccato, an accentuation, the fear
That convulses your wave-barraged heart.
All you have is courage, to beat the legions of sea creatures,
The octopuses with numerous tentacles that lasso
You like the body of a python and the barnacles
That attach to your skin with their cement glands and drain
You of much needed mental strength.

You also encounter electric eels, knife fish
Sneaking out of rock formations and sunken hulls
To electrify your vital signs, meadows of Hunter’s organ
Lining the skin producing streaks of electricity
Rewiring your already turbulent brain, a bout of
Electro convulsive shocks to the brine-battered mind.

You battle armies of jellyfish, squeezing out toxins
Though their tentacles, a myriad of chemicals, that poisons
Your nervous system, as you heart hears the cries of sailors
Swallowed by the ocean. Waves crashing, devouring the zombie flesh
Already soggy, cold and tearing into filaments.
And slowly, when you least expect, you develop gills that drain oxygen
And a tail and fins that pushes you in locomotion.

And if you’re one of the lucky ones, you meet
Dinoflagellates, fire flies of the ocean, with tetrapyrole
Rings of luciferin, glowing, the beacons to your
Lost, compass-less, wayward journey, guiding you through
As the blue notes gets louder and more frequent with time.

Courage emanates in every stroke, every stumble
Flotation becomes a battle against odds, until you find
A sandy terrace to disembark. Melancholy unloads
From your system, as you leave behind your gills
And fins and grow lungs – pleura, vessels, bronchi
And nerves, leaving a vast blue dominion.

In hindsight, you realize that the ocean was a necessity
To swim past blue tides to where the grass is greener
When all you need is a green thumb
To grow little harvests in your orchard.
All it takes is one apple to desalinate the ocean years.
– When an apple hangs from the tips of your cones and rods
To be handpicked by the outreaching heart.