Pink Beasts

  Your eternal sand castle, The proposal on one knee,   The few seconds of awe, Which seemed like hesitation   Or surprise, or both. The babies you see, In her eyes, the baby making   That channels your vision, The obituary every orgasm has,   The epitaph on her face, The afterglow of pyrotechnics.   The woman, the tissue, the tampon, The moist eyes, … Continue reading Pink Beasts


The homeless man can only, Stitch cotton bricks around him. And march on dunes, on rocks, And across wadis and moist beds. While over near the Pacific Ocean, you see hundreds Of turtles, rushing to the ocean tide, Not knowing what lies inside, This mammoth saline fortress. Life is only a bounty, that in the absence, Of foundation or roots, Is just a movable panorama, … Continue reading Refugees

Gay Man in Love

Beauty is not always right, Not always symmetrical, never always a gaze At what you don’t possess, And the other does. Beauty is more Obvious, stranger, mirroring A sculpture that can never be paired In mythology or inside the pages of the bible, But lives in the souls of those, Who drift from the time-eroding institutions Of gender relations, to witness, How on the top … Continue reading Gay Man in Love

The Walk Through No Man’s Land

The faces eager for survival. The long walk through the cracked earth, And little tunnels of Ataturk’s land. The dawns of regathering your mettle, The eves of laying down your arms, The days that bridge dawn and dusk, Courage and desperation. And you just have to look at a little child To see, how amber like, their eyes are, Preserving the fossils of a long … Continue reading The Walk Through No Man’s Land

Gay Pride 2

Evolution works on the principle Of natural selection. Darwin said that long ago. What is less cumbersome to select Than one generation of perfect symmetry What no gamete can aspire To protract beyond the point of lapse. How beautiful is the bush with two colorful birds Or two fluffy-eared jack rabbits? And how endearing is recreation absented Of procreation, holding the nacre of true love … Continue reading Gay Pride 2