My Grandmother’s Last Days

The cigarette slowly burns. There are no sounds in the surroundings, Solitude is a gay old time Defined by the altruism of cigarette. Inhaling the nicotine, I look around At my garden, the honeysuckles Deadly yet beautiful, the anthuriums Like sails on top of a boat, The orchids, as mauve as the decorated Courage of an American soldier, And as I burn, I know that … Continue reading My Grandmother’s Last Days

In the Garden Near the Lemon Tree

Looking out I cannot gather enough evidence Why everything in nature Seems to be a perfect setting. Like the rose petals that crowd And yet are concentric, the myena bird So brown-black in plumage, And yet crazily streaked in yellow. The tree filled with lemons Like yellow-green breasts hanging down For tiny babies to suckle, And I, looking at the perfection Of every form and … Continue reading In the Garden Near the Lemon Tree


You are spending your time In the garden for a change. The worms slither Like miniature snakes. The myena birds Fly around searching for a nesting place. There’s a crow on the asbestos roof Greeting you like an ominous omen. You hear a bell from the postman Delivering a letter from Australia. There’s a rose Blooming as the cynosure while Butterflies are curling around the … Continue reading Garden

Cats and Us

Our front yard, which is a deserted plot During the daylight hours Has now transformed to a little Comfort room for the neighborhood cats. Cats of so many diverse fur coats Brown and white, snowy all over, Dark as night and even the patchwork Can all be seen scanning for the ideal Spot to lay a memento, an alibi Of a little dehydrated poop. And … Continue reading Cats and Us


Flowers grow taller every day Trees become greener As the garden in the heart of spring looks A spectrum of vibrant interwoven colors I too grow like an inflorescence My face becoming darker with an earthly outgrowth As I become conscious of my own Manliness on the bathroom mirror. I shove my innocence and the residue of mango seed Hopscotch out and caress the stubs … Continue reading Garden