Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus)

Tanned yellow tiles, The open face of a sun flower, Pollen-clutched bees and butterflies, Composite, compound soul, That keeps vigil on the forefront In an anthesis of a celestial sun, That can swallow yellowcake, Through her sieves and tongues, And stands untouched through time, Like an Elizabethan virgin, Who smiles for the simple reason She is not just an artichoke Plucked at budding, before she … Continue reading Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus)

A Wild Flower

What arrests the gait And remedies the inclement A fleeting escapade in time Where a curtain is drawn  To conceal the labyrinths of the human heart As providence radiates in color In the tender texture of nature’s satin  Where a simple gaze lingers In an elixir of silence As the curative properties of beauty Heal the hurting soul With an ounce of alchemy Continue reading A Wild Flower