Down that noisy road in Colombo, The horns peep, while people Look around at Christmassy sights; Large candy sticks far bigger Than Barbers’ poles, and pine trees By the dozen, sold beside the main roads And one beggar child looks around From under a large festive shop sign Where the window, is sparkling, With fairy lights, and shows his mother A little crib, and a … Continue reading Christmas

Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus)

Tanned yellow tiles, The open face of a sun flower, Pollen-clutched bees and butterflies, Composite, compound soul, That keeps vigil on the forefront In an anthesis of a celestial sun, That can swallow yellowcake, Through her sieves and tongues, And stands untouched through time, Like an Elizabethan virgin, Who smiles for the simple reason She is not just an artichoke Plucked at budding, before she … Continue reading Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus)

Sunday Mornings

There are churches and then There are cathedrals. Love is the latter. That morning too, the wine glass was rich, silky and red And the bread buttered like brioche We sipped wine from each others glasses And scavenged on each others dough It was a beautiful routine on a Sunday morning To be offered on an alter covered in a white sheet A feeling that … Continue reading Sunday Mornings