Quarrelling Parents

I could hear the voices that erupted

The thunder of words

Accusations that rose like the tide

And surrendered all in her path


Infidelity, she cried, my own mother

Pointing the finger at her soul mate

Where the sand castles that were once built

Were gliding away with the tide

The places I gazed with admiration, perhaps even awe

Were now crumbling like a cloud heavy with raindrops


Venomous words pealed the facades

And all that was left were the voluble stories

Did love just fade like distance

Until what was left was a single dot on the horizon ?

An unsalvageable place of no return

Sands of love disappearing to the waves of time


Then all of a sudden, I opened my mouth

And parted with a protracted cry, that broke the tirade

Silence eclipsed as four lunging arms greeted me

 – A love triangle where there was no loser


Yet deep down, I knew all was lost

My dad the drifter, my mom the keeper

Divergent destinies evolving as separate lives

Handicapped by the common thread of parental love

As I surrendered a tear and walked to the garden

To the silence that greeted me


Love sometimes sinks in the waters of time

Where all that is left is a sunken wreck

Where the soul has to dive deep

To salvage where once was a buoyant love

Searching For God

I searched for god

On a church alter, amidst winged angels

Inhabited by white robes and purple skull caps

Even in a verse from the old testament

Yet I could not uncover his existence


I searched for god

In a peacock’s mating dance, even a rose’s petals

Yet beauty couldn’t heal my disease

Nor quench my thirst


I searched for god

In a balcony in Verona, even the Taj Mahal

Swam in the Dardenelles

Yet love was just a fragment of god


And I finally found him in a poem

Where there was a blank page and a title that read ‘God’

And in that minute it dawned to me

That God was perennially an absent force

An intangible enigma


Elusive to matter or medium

Soul of the unknown










The Vietnamese Girl

Conversation broke the silence

Sounds that captured the moment

A simple hello, in the tongue of the earth

And a hand shake that shook something deep

A guilty feeling that kindled the man in me

As yearning had crept unnoticed, holding me hostage

To an opportune night


Foreign beauty, pitch black locks and bamboo skin

Night whispering her dirty secrets

As I muster the courage for an invitation

To a stranger’s lair, to embark in a familiar pidgin

Where bodies converse bereft of speech


She smiled at me, a shy grin embellished with a shake of the temple

As she steered her vessel away

To the same night that held me moist and vulnerable

Where loneliness spoke a tongue of her own


I was about drown in tequila

To plunge in to the night, to burn my loneliness

When she reappeared, and posted her palm on mine

A sense of compassion, perhaps even gratitude drenched her

As she looked at the soldier in me

And the man that lives within


As we wandered off to the night

Drifters of destiny, down the same crosscurrents

A place to vacate the heart and to anchor the body

A harbor of no return


Tender was the night, and so were two bodies

Healed by the break of dawn……….












What began as an episode of lust

Perpetuated beyond the trappings of time

As a lowly one night stand, ushered in a million day falls

Where no pledges were made of an eternity

And in each daybreak, there was a promise of the next


Between day and night, was a new piece to fill

A new memory to make, a new milestone to pass

As the long road home was navigated to perfection

Each day, a little closer to familiarity


Where time stood as the filler

And love was the vessel…………


Bricks Of Madness (Ode To Anxiety)

Disgruntled self, pacing alone

Trembling hands, like a plank of wood on tidal water

Trappings of incertitude, locked in tune

Dancing spurts, crying to be free

Where inhale and exhale, lie protracted

As air lingers as Valium vapor


Piano man of fate plays on genetic keys

Black outperforming the white

As expression unfolds the deepest fears

A sense of abandonment

Orphaned by heritage, abused by the ambient


No where to go, no chemical to appease

Convoluted labyrinths of the labile mind

As the fugitive soul searches for an exit

To be emancipated of her legacy

Of bleak genes and wasted youth


Black holes lie agape, to dissappear

To be washed away to history

To be erased from time


For today is perhaps a mistake

And tomorrow is just a wish