Motorcycle Diaries

Your nakedness that controls me Your lips that usher me Your body that detoxifies me Your soul that perpetuates me Your all that saturates me You and I……….. Rebels of the third eye And mercenaries of creativity Lighting up each other’s worlds With frozen moments And galloping words Basking in Che’s shadow And riding pass endless horizons On a motorbike called love Advertisements Continue reading Motorcycle Diaries


The strangest place to be Is when everything doesnt make sense When madness colonizes the heart And chemical arsenals hold the body hostage When every muscle is held By the tendons of another’s fate Where the mouth can only do Is but muster a sequence of three words And patiently kiss another creature In the perfect congruence of souls And the perfect asymmetry of form Continue reading Crazy


Sometimes The greatest joy of love Comes from knowing The unknown What cannot be grasped By open senses ……. And unknowing  The known What can never break one open Or seal one shut …….. The places of the heart That are filled and emptied By soul-creature  In her flow and ebb …….. What will Never cease To learn and unlearn Lessons in imperfection And perfection Continue reading Flowing

Man and Woman

The first tear Is unpacified By a handkerchief The first smile Is naked and bared In announcement The first kiss Is a symbol and milestone Of finding each other And the first love Blooms in the discovery Of a gender That tangible and the intangible That makes her a woman With aura and shadow Where her alter of love is defined By an admixture of … Continue reading Man and Woman

Love (To A Fool)

Self-professed gurus and pundits Even cascading columns on Yahoo Will share their anecdotes and narrations To define love, what it is to be in love Or perhaps being devotees of her security Even maybe her aching vulnerability Maybe some people find love in desirous lust Or maybe in obsessive infatuation Or perhaps in third eye reels of fantasy Maybe love is a sacred place Maybe love is … Continue reading Love (To A Fool)

Forgotten People

Forgotten corners of mankind Like a gypsy gathering in Europe Or a refugee camp in Africa Like all inhabitants of this turquoise globe Living on the arms of a clock And the arrow of a compass we call fate Lingering unannounced In the craftsmanship of survival  Where beyond luscious meadows of civilization  Lies crowded streets with no names And cloned names with no deeds Living in a … Continue reading Forgotten People