We all have alter egos

The masks and masquerades

We see a hero on the mirror

Yet we are littered with imperfections, of vulnerabilities

Achilles heels and Kryptonite, fear and love

Yet we light numerous flames within

That never existed until darkness loomed

We are bound by nothing except one life

Yet we chase the grail of legends

We seek fame in heroism, and glory in victory

We are but unfulfilled creatures

Masking our destinies and identities

To be chiseled in history

Etched on heart and on tombstone

To be the guardian of a race, a lighthouse to humanity

To be the heartbeat of a universe

Only to crash against rocks of mortality

And perish in anguish, in fragmented dreams

As men who never wore a cape




The inner-strength of fragility, of holding another

When your backbone fragments to love

And the soft-most essence of the inner-self

Guides the amber soul

When one earthly being is cherished and adored

As solitude surrenders her armor

And togetherness plasters the soul

A place of complete dependency, of irreplaceable need

Laid bare in expression and deed

What will be broken by the simplest fall

The mortar of tenderness

On which the bastion of love is built