Truth In The Time of Cholera

It is a nagging feeling to be lied to,
By everyone I know, or have known,
Bluffed by serial words, of a pastime,
That makes white lies, burning wounds.
I still howl, like a stray dog, being called
So many names, so often, as I open up, for just some
Feed, from kind souls, who look at me,
That wasted bony canine, who can never fit in to
A world of fabricated convenience,
Of deception and omission.
And they go on, like they have a bout of cholera
And their anuses have been fitted
Between the nose and chin, and I look at them,
Vultures, who love metabolizing flesh,
And still will hunt away at my legacy, when I’m gone.
I feel for them. How can you not feel,
For lie-worshippers, who go from littering
Wounding lies and possessing a heart
That can never be defined by fraternal love,
Only hate, Cane so very well knew,
And Abel took in his back. .
I will not walk away from imposters,
Selling counterfeit labels at my expense.
I’m my own biography, a story so transparent in honesty,
That it makes little babies, gifted liars,
As I go on, bouncing from,
One attack to another, slander like that sharp axe,
Which tries to cut the taller bamboo, strangled
By vengeance, while I tread slowly,
Holding on to wounds of betrayal, of those, whose loyalty
Was thinner than paper.
How did honesty become so lonely, I wonder,
Winking at the piano man,
As I let go of my troubles and fall asleep,
Knowing there will be gas
In the tank, the next morning, while my body
Will reflect all that is thrown at me,
Like a mirror that can attest to the hollowness of lies,
That bear ripened fruits, but is bare
Below the ground, with no holding roots
To be standing in permanency.
It is only me, for myself,
The convenient mad man, who will stand for honesty,
In a time of cholera, a man who only
Spoke the unassailable truth, of who I am,
In an epidemic-prone world
Leaking out watery lies,
Flooding ear canals, disfiguring
The moldable truth, as seen, as heard,
By millions of custodians,
While the truth ossifies on holy ground,
Where my conscience is found,
To become a substratum,
Impenetrable to all forces,
Even God.

A Near Orgasm To Flute Music


Down the holes of the flute
Escapes the wind from the flutist’s mouth
Crafting a sensual passage of whistling wood. 
As the sound of music takes mercurial notes
And adorns them with magnitude,
Making me forget the ticking clock,
The pacing heartbeat, and the drumbeats
Of a hungry abdomen.
As I move into my own zone,
Like those mice in Hamlin, who crept out, their feet
Trained by the music to march,
As the high-pitched wind, steals my present,
How to become blissfully effortless,
To let the flesh embrace the levity,
Of nothingness, a score nevertheless,
That finally ends on a high note, that cliffhanger
That is almost orgasmic,
And briefly surreal.

The Reader


You own two home libraries
One inside your study, the one with encyclopedias
Atlases and dictionaries and a whole
Heap of science books that you used to read
While a student. On the other end of the house
You have another library, just next to a wash bowl,
Where you have old Reader Digests editions
And Time magazines, which are always treats to read
Even when you’re too stuffed with
Fried Rice and some Spicy Chicken Curry.
You have gained in knowledge from both libraries
But what stands out with Library No 2,
Is that, it is the only place, you can beat
The clock fair and square, a heart-clenching story holding
You hostage, and you letting time prostrate
On a lazy Sunday morning, when your wife
Is still sleeping. And now you realize that you were never
Told how potty training long ago, could turn you into
A full-fledged book worm, who is always proud to admit
How he reads from his glorious throne.
A man coroneted by the airy gunfire of colon burps,
While he sits on a throne, abdicating
A lengthy string of muscled poop.

A Short Love Poem

Love 9

Mechanical machines our bodies
Are, limbs that make set moves,
A collaboration of sorts

A mind that swiftly moves from one to another,
Only the nagging holding you in anxiety
Or gaiety, or just in plain reverie.

And a heart that saves you, time and again,
From what is mechanized and well-oiled,

A chamber that beats and pumps in physiology
And becomes rapture in love.

War Veterans


You think of the war veterans,
Especially the POWs who spent years
In Hanoi Hilton. You see glimpses of pain in their open eyes, 
Hard exteriors that will never move
An inch, holding the fort, the rampart
Bullet proof, while their barrel chests
Grow outward in their autumns and winters.
Here, there is no more camouflage and prowling snipers,
Only their grandchildren holding
On to their palms, asking for a Christmas gift.

All they ask for is a little respect for their courage,
To have been darting through
Plumes of Agent Orange
Lurking through blades of elephant grass,
Holding a rifle around the shoulder.
They now spend their Sundays in church,
and all they ask for is a pension,
To spend on their morning coffees,
And evening teas, and some dollars to buy
Their grandchildren Christmas gifts.

How purple are the oxygenated arteries,
That flow out of the heart,
Of men, decorated with purple hearts,
Of the type of bravery that is selfless in execution.
Now they sit sipping hot beverages,
While one by one, knock off infinitely,
To become cargo to the courier angels.
Veterans, who will never forget the war,
Sharing little anecdotes,
That get passed around, mouth to mouth.

And what else but the commemoration of the anguish
As they saw dead bodies splattered on the ground,
But overcame it, to become unsung heroes,
Who defied everything thrown at them.
Heroes that get forgotten in this American west
As they become the organic fertilizer on a cemetery
Where wild flowers grow, as if to show
To the world, the beauty that is buried beneath,
Soiled in true valor. How courage only, could
Save the deplorables, hated equally, by the enemy
And by the home turf, caught in no man’s land,
As outcasts, now waking up on loaded minefields,
Where nightmares explode like
Claymore mines, to reminisce the horror of what
The eyes gathered, as the clutter of war.



Supermarkets in town,
Are decorated red, green and white
Regiform snowflakes everywhere you look
Making the Christmas deceptively white,
In this tropical country, that has never seen snow.

All the while, the cashiers at supermarkets
Wear Santa hats, letting goods slide on, down a counter,
Almost like a conveyer belt,
In Santa’s toy factory in the North Pole,
While open carrier bags fill up,
In mince pies, turkey and smoked ham
Stocking up for Christmas.

While a lone Santa looks on
Almost like a poster boy for obesity
Posing for photographs,
As the children laugh in banter
At the sight of a jolly old man
With a long silver beard,
And a ballooning tummy,

Whose red suit, surprisingly,
Bears no sign of soot.



Look at that little star in the sky,
Stellar and flickering,

Just like a hero is, a little more twinkle
A little more substance than the ordinary fellow,

And in this modern day story
Of unsung men and women, who battle

Against the very tide that tries to sink
These knights in shining armor,

While damsels, and old ladies, they scream
From balconies, to be saved by those

Whose underwear color we know so well,
And still make valor, a thing of open show

In the absence of pride or haughtiness.
A soul battling the in-brewed fear

To come out on the other side, in courage,
Knowing, that too little or too late,

Is out of the equation. Have you seen,
A bat screech, making its way using echo location

While in Gotham, the bipedal bat, lurks
Unnoticed as a human, too taken up

By the fights in hand. Batman, is just
A man amplified by courage to take it all up,

To be a pretender, whose pretense
Makes him to be everything he is not,

And still is, the sunken hero that surfaces,
To withstand the turbulent times,

When in fact, the mask becomes in time, skin,
And skin turns to a mask, which on the mirror,

Looks the perfect disguise – the physiognomy
That you wear to become an ordinary man.

Who is unrecognizable to everyone else,
And to a mirror, plagued by a hero visual,

And serenaded by the extraordinary, you find a man,
Whose only notable feat,

Was putting on a transfiguring mask,
To slay the coward within.