Becoming Parents

Duckface, luckface, quackface Mugface, mobface, pokerface, jokerface The many faces of a selfie.  How there are so many versions To what the arms extend, And an aperture records As stilled time. How my wife and I, on holiday, Take a selfie, knowing That the space between us, That erased its own daylight, Will one day become a gap That needs to be filled, With a … Continue reading Becoming Parents

Gay Marriage and Mexican Illegals on this Independence Day of America

  The cramped spaces of a pavement In New York, and to the ghost towns Of Texas. El Paso, where Mexican Illegals arrive and Fargo, North Dakota, reminding us. That there is far to go.   How the news, tells us about The pollution in Flint, while An oil pipeline battles public opinion. As I ponder how the bald eagle Got a combover. I will … Continue reading Gay Marriage and Mexican Illegals on this Independence Day of America

Swordplay to Love

A country that runs on just about anything, Chasing the occident, the western way of life. How stand-up comedy nights, And big bad wolf book sales, Are the newest additions in town. We are only who we become, to change I suppose. The times I’ve laid in bed Wondering when will be the day, Jesus or Lord Buddha will become Totally irrelevant. How I hear … Continue reading Swordplay to Love

God and Love

I feel water splashing on my palms. I drink from a reservoir on a palm With no hesitation or worry.  How rainwater thrushes against my dryness Making me, a sponge of sorts. Like chunks of tofu in a soup, A heart capable of love. God leaks from the strangest places Not just from the heavens. Drool down a baby’s mouth, Water down through a gargoyle, … Continue reading God and Love

Summer Fling

How beautiful is the first month of summer; Bikinis, lazy streaks and a wisp of sunscreen, When halos disappear, as you drive past  Rows of sunflowers, in mid Iowa. You can only feel, the pollen saturated air, A hood less car, the sun filling her up, Knowing a man is just around the corner, Just like how children run around corn fields, Colliding at corners. … Continue reading Summer Fling

An Asexual Man

How sweet is Jack fruit, Pani Waraka, Just like the flesh of rambutan, How though, in an anatomy lesson They become metaphoric examples, Resembling the beehive, and The scrotum. How a great divide separates Not just the Koreas, but Also the palindromic symmetry, And the proven asymmetry How one pair of eyes that See the sweet flesh of a jak fruit, perhaps Will not see … Continue reading An Asexual Man

An Asexual Woman

While some echo locate, some use GPS, And some they, climb Matterhorn, A difficult mountain to climb, while others walk in a beach Each a homogenous grain of silica, And some, they rest inside a un-crowded room, That has no doors, to go outside, only a room With a window, to see bats, cars, mountaineers, And the beach walkers, as this woman wonders, As she … Continue reading An Asexual Woman