A Torn Letter From The Warfront

Love could not rest or asleep

Knowing you were among the living

What fate evaded and the universe concealed

Where I left you last, at a railway station

On the outskirts of our quaint home


I received that letter from the war front

Preserved by the hand of god

As I reminisce your smile that lives like a lantern in my eyes

And your heart that ushers in a symphony to hope’s labor

The memories that I caress with my thoughts

The nostalgia that feeds my journeying psyche

And the worry that maroons my heart

To an isle of scathing emptiness


I can feel your heartbeat on our mattress top

Your endearing warmth on the pillow

And your aura that undulates like the tide

Merging to me at sunrise

And disappearing at sunset


As I gaze at the torn letter

As hope sediments on my retina

Of finding you, in these fogs of gunpowder

And the mazes weaved by fate


For war erects more walls

Than what is blown apart

And there is a rugged wall between you and me my love

Erected by your absence

What can only be annihilated by fate

And bridged by time


As I stare one more time

From the rocking chair on the veranda

At the latch on the gate

Where I have witnessed your aura

A million times…………


Absence is the greatest casualty of war

The promise of hope, when all that is left are clouds of napalm








Love Without Sex

I chose to look beyond

The magnetism of our bodies

A time-unwrapped lull, in the midst of a newspaper

And a mug of freshly-brewed coffee


Yet memories flood in

Of the tempests of our bodies

That crashed in to each other

Where no morsel of dust was left on cover

Yet creases were left engraved

On a print-less bed cloth


Yet years have passed, summer bygone

And autumn nearing her farewell

Lust faded with her chemical arsenal

Yet love was preserved

Like a fossil that could never wither to time

Or fade to a mere memory


We now dance on the creaky floorboards

We kiss and make-out like teenagers

We walk under the stars and picnic under moonlight

We kindle our passion under a shower head

And we cuddle wrapped only in bronze


Knowing deep down

Summer is a bygone season

And autumn is the fated fall


Yet how breathtaking is love – without making love…………





Surrender is a cruel word

Except in the magnetism of love

Where there is a mutual force – yin for yang

Where vulnerability is a pillar

And stoicism is a thread


A pure state, undefiled by personal gain

Unclaimed by condition

No codes or laws, just unheralded freedom

The sovereignty of mutualism


Holism of what is given without clauses

The benevolence of affection

Tapping the sap of the heart

Two souls anchored to each other

In toil and bliss, and the enumerable states in between


An apical leap of faith

To the filler of the heart

To master her pidgin

And to yield to her magic


A total eclipse of the heart

Mortality’s apical sacrament

Where Achilles’s body and heel live in harmony

In the light and shadow of fate


Surrender, where the soul sediments

Guided by the needful heart

Where she finds her home

In a place unbounded by walls





Lovers Leap (Ode To Suicide)

Lovers leap

Jumping to a destiny that absolves all

A therapeutic embrace of the unknown

And relinquishment of what is owned


A pact of love

Of star-crossed lovers – Romeo and Juliet

Staring from the heart’s abyss, at nature’s abyss

Of what fate abandoned but love championed

The confluence of hearts yet no convergence of crossroads


Love and suicide are blood siblings

Twin souls that saw the light from the same mother’s womb

Both states of blindness

Both owned by the groping heart

And both a leap of faith, to the unknown


As two lovers jumped

With their eyes closed and lips clasped


For what destiny could pull apart

Death could not……….





Stillness haunts me

The lull that prolongs miserly life

Yet I can feel the glow beneath the haze

The twinkle on the onlookers

And the flutter of angels


I can feel the exhale

And the corridor of time that prolongs

For the next inhale, the next bout of air

I wish to raise my eyelids, to invigorate my spirit

A mere gaze at who the heart holds dear

Wrapped around me, with a sense of ambiguity

Staring at the riddle of life

What returns to her supreme owner, carried forth by an angel

Faded in to time but not in to space


My ears are attentive, of my waning heartbeat

What will be dispossessed of me, in a trifle of time

As I mutter my final words, in senile tongue

Muttering what the lips could muster

And lungs could abandon


As I let go, life crashing against the bastion of time

The last breath perforating my nostrils

As an endearing calm engulfed me

And a tranquilizing energy pacified me

Knowing it will be the last feel of energy

The final bout of blood, the final tryst with the living


Yet I am not haunted by grief

Only charmed by awe

For death is a leap of faith to the great unknown

Where no living man has ever been

An alibi-less destination


The soul abandoned me

Insentience gripped me

And tranquility ambushed me


Yet darkness was all I knew…………



A Love So Rare (In Love With A Bipolar Woman)

The temperament
Of the Indian Ocean
Can be captured
In your aquamarine eyes
My love

At times
Tempestuous as a prairie bison
With monumental waves
Crashing in all directions
Devouring all in her path
As you succumb to your mania

At times
Placid as a hermit
Surrendering to the lull of nature
With no whispers nor murmurs
But engrossed
In your profound meditation
As your relinquish to your melancholia

As I gaze at your portals
Sculpted in beryl
Harboring a mosaic of emotions
Yearning to wade in
To be swept off my feet
To surrender to your world
To your own unique conglomeration
Of fire and ice

For love is our beacon
And hope our compass

And your darkness my love
Is our journey

A Short Lullaby

Good night my child surrender to the night
Leave your heart to the dreams flight
Smoulder a dream from the tinder of reality
And relinquish your all to meadows of surreality

Let the moonbeams evanesce to your tender eye
Let the stars surrender their waltz on the moonlit sky
Let the wind woo your soul by her whispering voice
As you let go to the arms of time, and her sweet little lies

And in that moment between wake and sleep
When your heart stealthily pries and the eyes miserly peep
You will be the source from where dreams take flight
As father time lends you your own fluttering kite