End of Apartheid

Graffiti of hate 

That demonized the human mind

Was painted over by the advent of spring

Where cherry blossom consciences

Surrendered to the absence of skin paint

Where black and white coalesced

In the shadow of a forgiving freedom

As turpentine drops poured from the skies

And rainbows painted over the horizon

Depolarizing all extremities except

The magnetism of love


Longing For One Kiss

The stormy eye

And the bipolar tear

The hedonic lips

And the crooked tongue

The fragile smile

And the concrete teeth

The flushed cheeks

And the proud chin

The depth of absence

And the resilience of solitude 

The profoundest fear

And the courage of silence

And amidst this clutter of form and tangibility

Lies a creature seeking another

To defoliate a film of lipstick

Love – Yet another take

In the heart that cradles another

Lies a narration of beauty

What is immeasurable by unit

But floats like a feather and sinks like an anchor

What is aged like a bottle of wine

Corked within the fibers of man’s vault

A place where a smile bridges two worlds

Lost to each other, marooned in time

Locked in gaze only to be unlocked in lip

And where tears befall in celebration and agony

A rendez-vous of souls, schemed by fate

Where man looks beyond cover and skin

At what lies deep within – a treasure in the absence of a map

Where within soul lies what is freely given – with no claim

Like a ceiling fan or a bulb on a wall

Which bequeaths breeze and light, selfless in perseverance

Incarcerated by a child-like honesty 

Where two souls encroach on each other

As soul colonizes soul, and body reciprocates body

Where the infinity candle burns 

On floor, soil and bed

Where surrender carries bliss

And body inflames insanity

Like a sea that crashes to the night storm

And wakes up to a serene dawn

Two souls that linger in the impunity of one feeling

Soaking source and tip alike

Where in the symphony of one heartbeat

Lies the magnum opus of counterpart

Two creatures sharing a kindled dream

Of the eternal sunshine

That blinds one to another

Yet bequeaths a lucid clarity

Where perfection and imperfection coalesce 

In to one shared destiny


In a kiss under mistletoe

That confluences in the fusion of lips

In a ribbon-wrapped gift

That exchanges palms and is reciprocated in deed 

In a softly-sung Christmas carol

That softly slithers in-between heartbeats

On a silent December night

Lies the soul of what is freely given

Absented of hope and agenda

Where beneath the veil of charity

Lies the nucleus of what was gifted to mankind

In a tender heartbeat

Where an orphan of God 

Was born in the surrogacy of a virgin

To the waiting arms of a carpenter

Where in the unlikely nuptials

Of heaven and earth

An incomprehensible clause of history

Was chronicled solely by love

Where two strangers united as man and woman

In the absence of body

To surrender to the will of another – to a gentle heartbeat that palpitated

In her pledge to time

Two beings that bridged the annals of history

In the perpetuation of a solitary heartbeat

What was preserved in foster love, and unveiled

In the aura of courage

A Coin To A Beggar

The gifted moment

Of a soul’s incandescence 

Where one being illuminates another

In the spirit of charity

Like a candle that carries a flame

To propser light to a pauper’s abode

Where between an extended palm

And the reciprocation of a smile

Lies the soul of what is freely given

In the absence of claim and entitlement

A mere copper coin that fills an empty tin

Where the currency of love

Bequeaths an endearing moment

That can only be claimed

By the heart’s till