Gliding in frames of time

Washed with inimitable color

Barcoded emotion sprinkled on the horizons

Where change is an inevitability

Yet beauty rests endless

Transient creatures, phasic enigmas

Maneuvered by celestial objects

Flowing in karmic incarnations, soulful and spiritual

Where the soul is a voyager

Sculpting the rituals of terrestrial beings

As they cycle through chapters of time

Broken by changing seasons






One horizon, and the next, to the next

A journey carried forth by two feet

Sometimes by feet and palms in union

Walking past uncountable horizons

Harboring dreams of floating to fate

Amidst nightmares of running from fate

Where one tear can arrest a heartbeat

And one word can surrender a generation

Bohemians without frontiers

Walking on bare feet lifting bare dreams

Searching for a rare miracle

To inhale one more breath

To gaze at one more horizon

To awake to one more dawn

To be one with the soul………..

And not be one with the land






Among tube wells that carve into limestone rock

And wild mustangs that gallop on northernmost isles

Amidst Palmyra trees waltzing to the evergreen mistral

And wind-carved soil, even bullet-laden walls

Where journeys are etched

On mother earth and on scrolls of the heart

Where rain gods are absent on patchwork terraces

Yet gods of the land transform dormant seed in to brown gold

Where the labor of palms resurrects fractured dreams

Carving open doorways of fate

Paving carpets on ghostly minefields

A place where hate expired down the barrel of a gun

Now a bed of fireworks and reflective eyes

For what was deserted by fate blossomed to a cradle of humanity

A journey of restoration to the pinnacle of her past glory

True reconciliation of two fragmented stories