Human Bread

We are people of hope. The crows, although scavengers Are monogamous, and wiser Than any avian counterpart. I wonder are crows, sapiosexuals? We search for the highest point, Only to fall. Acme is both A pinnacle and an agent Of Murphy’s law; what wily coyote Knows best. We are illogicians In the soap operas of life. And in that instinct to love, We hold our … Continue reading Human Bread

Multiple Orgasms

  O is for Oxygen The lungs that expand and collapse, O is for Oxymoron, The paradoxes, the rain and the sun, In one weather forecast. O is for the Orange, The marmalade moments, Bittersweet, mushy and, O is for Operation Second Coming,   How Oz, taught you that, Love is like the Melbourne weather, It changes so often; Rain, Sun, Rain and sometimes, Sun … Continue reading Multiple Orgasms

Messi and Jesus

  Boot master, relentless workaholic, Tatoo junkie and yet supreme architect of Moves rapturing towards goal. The precise passes, the hopeful lobs, The attacking runs, how a man who learnt, That one hand is more flexible Than another, learned later on, That the same is true For the feet. How we are All, preferred-limbed soldiers of fortune, Knowing that we control Our destinies.   How … Continue reading Messi and Jesus

Pinnawala (The Elephant Orphanage)

## Here they collect elephant dung To be pressed and made into paper. How beautiful that pages Of poetry are born, from elephant poop, The biggest dung of them all. What used to be fertilizer for The cultivation of crops, now Making way for stanzas, sonnets And haikus. How poetic That inside “the well of dew”, There is innovation, the free Thinkers like Gallileo and … Continue reading Pinnawala (The Elephant Orphanage)