“I’m the man” Joe Louis said so.
So did Ali, and Mike Tyson showed why he was
And why he wasn’t. I of course, accomplish no feat, 
In saying out loud, my supposed manliness,
When it is nothing like that of the
Heavy-weight boxers, who I though admire.
When I’m trying to be like a man,
I think of poor old Galileo
Looking at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
And measuring the pace, at which
The greater man becomes the lesser man.
Everyone until Copernicus told that planet earth
Is flat and it seems I’ve hit
A crazy truth, in that, we – a gender – are all towers of Pisa
Battling our own imperfections,
Tackling the clock and our in-bred anxieties
Of what it is, to begin as a man
And let alone finish as one.