Sea Creatures of Passion


Looking at the waves tumble towards me,
I fathom that the force of my body,
Undulate, losing its essence, that
Preservative that detaches the body
And lets her lose like a mammoth wave.
The ocean, with her crimson tide,
Lit by the phycoerythrin in those
Little cells of cyanobacteria,
Letting lose throngs of bell-shaped
Jellyfish, holding onto a localized
Fluorescence. In this bloom
Of creatures, that floats to the surface
I see the edges of my desire, drifting
From backbone to mouth pore,
Collecting every morsel of passion
Along the way. Those creatures
Define my tidal footprint, red passion
And shimmering light, morphing out
From mouth to mouthing, my jellyfish
Lips pulsating, traversing an inch



537163992_1280x720 (2)

I watched Wonder Woman recently
On the big screen with my wife,
Where the super heroine was trying to find Ares,
The Greek god of war, to stop
Animosity in this world. I guess, everyone is fighting
Their own wars. The war that
Is most closest to me, is the one
Between rest and work, especially on the weekend,
When I’m like a sloth bear
In hibernation. There are no antidotes
To make you active. Now at 41
I’m an anti-thesis of myself in the 20s
No TV to watch, no sports to follow
No time to charge with electricity
And make it run faster. How time slows you down,
I ponder. You’re like an elephant, that measures
His steps, slow as a gastropod,
Learning that time is Ares, the god of war, warring with
Our hearts, when we are challenged
To make our limbs industrious and busy.
I wish I was an Indian salesman
In Bihar, so ant-like, so bee-like
So-work oriented. The throne, our 8 by 7 bed, looks so
Calm now, lifeless as a rock,
As I feel time sediment on my skin.
I have become, in my own unique way
A specimen for the geologists.