The colorful horizon, where the kites are born, From the rib of the wind. A glorious transformation, of the blues, to multi-color.  The sun too has its ways, of shining as brilliant as he can, Like that story of the wind and the sun, In war, battling to see who is more powerful And yet no jacket comes off from the breasts Of village women, … Continue reading August

Sprinkled Rice

In Asia, rice plants are everywhere you look, Some are irrigated, while some are terraced, Like the steps of Banaue, while others Are found as upland aerobic rices. It is a staple that feeds the mouth, and a merrymaker As in Tapuy and Saki, which makes Locals a lot inebriated and fondling Everything with their pinwheeling eyes. In this part of the world, paddy farmers, … Continue reading Sprinkled Rice