Meat Lover

In that absence of introspection At the merciless canines, I stand, no predator in solemnity  Just another soul, that looks at The buffer crashing into a chicken, darting across The street, and smiles nonchalantly. And in that voracious appetite To the white and the red, which just like The wines, makes you inebriated When you feel the juicy flesh ooze out the taste of the … Continue reading Meat Lover

A Prisoner’s Bliss

The poetry of silence swimming From all corners and rocking A bassinet, that like a mother’s palm Gently sways me right to left Up and down, until I’m a weary Sight-blunted warrior, in my beauty sleep. Knowing that, in this life-long incarceration, My green mile at Alcatraz, That’s the best part of the day or night, Not knowing inhale from exhale, Or the beat or … Continue reading A Prisoner’s Bliss

On the Third Date

Don’t kiss me as yet honey, At least not right now. I’m not ready for your body To comb my thickets or tip my sensors, Nor do I wish to learn the language Of love, this early into knowing you. We are still buds, little closed rings of petals That still don’t know, The art of cross-pollination, Just two bodies in the wind, blowing inward. … Continue reading On the Third Date

Elegy on Fame

A nebula develops From a little opening on a stage And slowly turns to a star  To throngs, just like a celestial body That blazes light, for those afar To witness, the burn of gases And with time, the star power grows Until you’re battling your wrinkles And the sagging protein in your flesh, And the cataract in your eye, And if you’re meant to … Continue reading Elegy on Fame