Elephant Trails

elephant -2

From the stubble and the rubble
Through accidents and interventions
We make elephant trails of the heart
The meaningful and the meaningless
Gallows and open latches
Memories and the hard-to-remember
The foregone conclusions and rudimentary lessons
Wildfires and long hibernations
Dormant tinder and germinating spores
The crossfire of lust and scrambled compasses
And through it all, we walk tall as elephants
Through corridors of time, searching for the elephantine
To abandon our paths of convenience
To answer to that one echoing call
Of a larger-than-life creature
Domesticate the undomesticatable.

Author: meandererworld (Dilantha Gunawardana)

Poet of the unmechanical, unconstraint and unconditional, dreamer of near-perfection, lover of creativity, a man nearing the halfway mark of his life journey with mirth and sorrow, in that admixture of accidents and the muscle of anthropogenic fate, fighter of freedoms especially privacy, versatile sportsman, habitual humor artist, sporadic quotesman, man of science with curiosity as the fourth eye and perennial renaissance man who easily encounters boredom only to find something new to inspire.

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