The Road Trip To Habarana

My wife and I, we got up just as the rooster Was screaming out “dawn is here” in cockerel tongue It sounded to us like “Cock-a-doodle-doo” And we did doodle a little in thought At the long drive to Habarana But made up our minds early To drive by 6 AM. And that journey through Where the elephant rock and the rock temple stood, Was … Continue reading The Road Trip To Habarana


Carpe diem! The eternal words Of a Dead Poets Society. Present, is the moment When the aura of tomorrow Seduces an action, and the past Is left lurking, in the conclusion Of the absence of renewal Of lapsed time. And the present Is best designed, when you least anticipate it And the future creeps unnoticed And makes a little incursion, a prelude of sorts. – … Continue reading Now