The lightning strikes
Baring skull bones and rib cages

White zombies rising like
Maidens to weddings

Pumpkins carved open, smiling
Plump, flaming from the soul

Children, in costumes of peculiar
Life forms, heroes and villains

And November streaming in
Conditioned by the cold autumn wind

Festivities for the window shopper
As Santa appears to be early for Christmas

Harvests are aplenty at Walmart
To reap with mean blades

Of plastic or paper.


Author: meandererworld (Dilantha Gunawardana)

Poet of the unmechanical, unconstraint and unconditional, dreamer of near-perfection, lover of creativity, a man nearing the halfway mark of his life journey with mirth and sorrow, in that admixture of accidents and the muscle of anthropogenic fate, fighter of freedoms especially privacy, versatile sportsman, habitual humor artist, sporadic quotesman, man of science with curiosity as the fourth eye and perennial renaissance man who easily encounters boredom only to find something new to inspire.

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