Superman Chronicles


In that twisted nightmare
I stay up thinking of the my lost dreams

The Philippines rice terraces always seemed
Like stepping up the ladder, up till the sky

Armed with a Ph.D., I was trying change the gender of plants
From the smaller female to a muscled up male

Carrying on his shoulder the dreams of a million children.
In Asia we don’t win bread for a living

We throw rice, make rice cakes and engineer
Transgender rice, to feed the waiting masses.

And here I found a little bit of my dream
The calling that whispers a little encouragement

And hangs fairy lights along a little crossroad. Now I only hear
“Tambourine Man” on the streets and I, a little weary, a little jaded

Felling a lump in my heart, like a tumor that bleeds
The dreamer’s artery saturating my ventricles

And all I want is the song of my heart, to take me somewhere
Anywhere unbound by maps, where the streets have no names

Like the U2 song. It seems I will always be the dreamer
Dreaming like a madman, maddened by sprinkles

Of stardust, lifted by trampolines to heaven, and fried by
Electric-hoops of genius and a little strain of love keeping me sane

That small package of kryptonite I share a bed with. The woman I love.
And a cape searching for the man beneath.

Superman was my inheritance, human is my legacy.


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