The evening sky in an amber dressing
Whirls of pink scattered like strokes from bristles

Bees who forage in the early eve
Come storming back to their hives before darkness falls

Seagulls blaze their sunny-glazed eyes
And seaweed paddle to the beach with their outgrowing thalli

Lovers under colorful umbrellas caught in gaze traps
Free themselves in playful lip-pacts

And in this entrance to the clutches of twilight
Biology blooms from all corners into a diorama

Of what the eye gathers and the heart appreciates.
It seem beauty could not be more objective

As dusk dressed in the most radiant of frocks
Disrobes and flaunts her beautiful ebony skin

And dark is simply beautiful, her jasmine aroma, her crisp air
Her endlessness before your naked eyes

And the negro sky pushing the moon out of her womb
Paper lanterns hovering over street cafes

Nebula lips holding their buds out in the breezy air
For little stars to blossom, and petals reclining

To make room for burrowing creatures of the night.
As natives of the night-plains make love

Under tungsten moons. And the moon plays peekaboo
Through cloud cover, as falling beams

Sneak through curtains, settling on sleeping babies.
And parades of mice gnaw gunny sacs searching

For harvests of rice. As owls inside hollow dens
Pose questions of alibis, flicking out wisecracks.

And the night ushers in hundred strains of beauty
Interwoven in to one landscape

Taking nature’s course, carving inlets, flowing through outlets
Making enough room for her many natives

It seems the night has a thousand faces.
And one complexion, the panorama of her skin.


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