Love Again


How do you grow a new life from the broken?
A heart refusing to believe that it is over

Can you transplant a new heart when the old
One is broken to pieces, mere porcelain

And you still need to make an investment on glass.
And that glass vase will hold one flower

And still be vulnerable of falling and breaking
From the pedestal she lifts you to.

Like a gecko’s tail grows back, will the anoxic
Places of the heart find some crimson blood

Will my hemoglobin carry a new oxygen
A new woman, beautiful inside and always imperfect

Around the edges. And that heart of mine
Just like a pomegranate with hundreds of arils

Will find small compartments of life. And you will
Carry the scabs and stitch back the scars

And paint over the wound until she is a masterpiece
Who will turn into your own magnum opus

On a bed of infinite possibilities.


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