If I could move a micrometer
I will find lightning crashing, and a thunder spasm

Moan like you do my love
Moan like a wild animal that has got

Something pointed stuck inside the pelvis. I know
Constellations will collapse, as your senses

Immolate, a death little in a mouse trap
And I am still laboring in dyspnea – short of breath

Hold me love, so the after-storm will not claim me
Or aftershocks will not crack my earth

And sinkholes would not swallow me.
You’re the only body I know and the only heart

I reach out to. And as I lay about at night
The ceiling keeping me company

I think of all the times we’ve made love
The times that have become forgotten in time

The beautiful serenade of your body
And the rhapsody of mine

And the music of our togetherness
The octaves stretched beyond breaking point

And the notes we never knew existed
All come haunting like phantoms of the night

And all I can think of is waking up to you
To awaken to your epiphany

My June bride who always stands by me
Like an evergreen Juniper tree

And makes love as tender as Juniper berries.
And I lie here while your breasts shelter me

And your afterglow swallows up every flicker of dawn
It seems perfection is my prerogative.


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