Not Just Another Love Poem


You tell me to lose weight and I nod my head
And go for an hour of basketball or for a walk

And I know I’m little a cumbersome around the edges
And a little muffin-topped around the waist

And I tell you now, as solemnly as possible, I’m like a love poem
In the making, like a brown Adonis or Endymion

And I compliment you on your perfect callipygian
And I have no clue why I don’t kiss you there more often

And then I confess, I’m a little sophomoric
Wise with your lips and foolish with my weight

And these are the big words of small stature, I throw at you
Like stones thrown at war, rippling something superficial

And I know when I tell you I’ll lose weight
I will my love. I will emaciate for you.

Until I too am callipygian and the denims I never wear
Cling on to me, squeezing the last water from my glutes

And you always walking two feet behind me
Reading every verse of my beautiful love poem.


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