Gobbledegook and Eat Bulaga


Gobbledegook seems so Asian, yet non-racist, like a Laksa soup
Rice noodles gobbled down the alimentary canals

Or a cannibal who loves yellow bamboo flesh
Or it could mean an appetite for the gooey and the slimy

And still, I look at sequences of crackpot jargon
The chatter of words flicked from tongue to ear

Bird talk of birdbrains, still innocuous, still alien
And used sparsely by the tongue of the sword

And gobbling is not just for turkeys fattened for Thanksgiving
Or obese abracadabra, too fat to fit into your lips

Its found in poems now, and Gobbledegook
Is as common as Shakespearian sonnets

And I listen to a Tagalog news channel on TV
A sweet Asian girl with the softest of jawbones

And every word sounds strange yet familiar
Like I’ve heard that in the Guadalupe market, near the Pasig

And I yearn to kiss her, and it feels strange but beautiful
And my shy lips are in gobbledegook land

Kissing a beautiful Asian girl is a jargon-less act
Too simple, too endearing, to ever be called gobbledegook

Perhaps I should call it “eat bulaga” and act surprised
If only she serves me some lunch on my dreaming lips.


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