The Road Less Traveled (A Virgin at Marriage)

Window Woman

So many women had rejected me
The tall one, the short, the fresh-face and the tomboy
The mango skin and the ivory glow
And through the night rail to memory land
I supply cargo in the form of sorrow
At all the maybes, ending in buts

And sometimes, rejection is like your top soil being turned over
And a fallow period comes, no crop, no urea, no harvest
You even need to slash and burn her memory
And elephant grass is not easy to conquer

And my eli-gator, could have easily been my eli-phant
And I have no idea how the crocodile won
Seemingly I had dreams of being an Egyptian plover
Making carnivore kisses at her dentine jaw
Yet she was the elephant in my heart
And pachyderms live to see a good 60 years

And finally she became extinct
Like Whymper giving up on his Matterhorn dreams
And now when I munch a Toblerone, I think of her sometimes
Seemingly Swiss chocolate is the best

And rejection was a wound, then a scar
And just like wounds with scabs take longer to heal
It took longer than I thought, and now I no longer
Think of all Swiss treats on my lips

I just see an eli-phant without ivory
A crocodile with no Lacoste stamp
I see animals as they are, with no “eli” pollution
And I knew I was now over her rejection
Like alphorns were not blowing anymore

And all it took was some Moratuwa baila – to heal me
And she was not going to be the lass I would die for
Just a woman that I would die with

And finally I was not rejected by a woman
Now I was a man for all seasons, and I look at my autumn
And I see leaves falling like parachutes
On the marriage bed, and growing back on in spring
And a winter full of mistletoe and hearths

And that tradition was ours now, seemingly for an eternity
Knowing in my heart, I took the road less travelled…….

Poplar and Maple – two deciduous trees
Shedding on a marriage bed in June

Finding bliss.


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