Like diamonds in a graphite sky
Light and darkness intertwine
Knowing they are siblings of the same womb
Only separated by the absence of quanta
And like salt in a pepper sky
They add flavor to my life

And we call them happiness and sadness
Holding us hostage in emotional landslides
And just like synesthesia, with one comes the other
Like listening to a tear-jerker as you hitchhike on nostalgia
Or looking at your wife and asking “why didn’t we meet at 27”

And through that inseparable strain
Through the beauty of a nuptial
We learn to love and live through the stardust
And the black holes, through the fallows
And the fields, through the organic
And the synthetic, through asphalt roads
And ankle-deep mud puddles

And all my sorrow will come with happiness
Like the blue ocean and fluorescent dinoflagellates
And I will always be the blue boy
As blue as the neon lighting in my eyes
And my embattled blue whale flesh
And through my blue streaks
I will bloom like the last marigold
Still standing at the end of summer

And blue is not my defeat, not my shame
It is my skin, my rib, my heart
It is all over me like blue indigo rushing
Through my veins and multiplying in my marrow
And orange will be my destiny
That open road laid in amber
Of where my happiness is

And in love too I will be blue
Blue as the ocean misses the sands
And blue as my countdown to senescence
Knowing we will probably have a few hundred
Times of love making left in us
And still I look at her brown-amber eyes
And I know I love this woman
Through the blue night and that will my redemption

Blue boy is my gospel, my Dixieland
And a blue note sounding ever so clearly
Like a palpitation or an arrhythmia

That blue note I call love.