To an Old Friendship


It was like a jellyfish
With a dose of luciferin, sparkling
Like glowworms and adrift floating
Swimming with no life jackets
And the hearts had their luminescence
Lanterns for the dark

And still we were different
Like two jellybeans of different flavors
And distinct colors that mixed together
With no care in the world
It seems we had too much color
For nothing to come between us

And through the jello
Of melted hearts, where lips only had words
To tongue flick, we made our lives richer
Gelled together by common values
And commoner personas

And that jellyfish is still swimming today
Less luminescent than before
And in those darkest night of no hope
I think about the conversations we’ve had
About meeting the perfect woman
And I did – like fireflies were now in my heart
Making a moon lantern of a sweet creature
Sweeter than white sugar

Perhaps those koththu roti
Had a secret formula – like they could
Sustain us, feeding us small scraps of flour
When it was really jello that resembled us
When jello was the polysacharide between us

The softest of men, softer than seaweed or jellyfish
Caught to the tide of time

The hardest to let go….


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