I Love You (Because of Einstein)

Fortune Cookie

First we were strangers
And next neighbors and then lovers
Step by step inching towards a common future

And you didn’t pay me lip service only real compliments
You didn’t pity me nor showed me mercy
You didn’t leash me or put puppet strings on my elbows
You didn’t slide sandpaper on my past, just painted my future
You made a paper boat out of my existence
And placed me on heart waves

And through the test tubes
That will bear litmus tests and the petri dishes
That will hold conjugating staphylococci
Through crucibles that will mix pink manganese
With blue copper and through pans that will sizzle
Cloves of garlic on olive oil – we will go on.

And choice is our pointed compass
Showing us our true north and the west-wind
Blowing us forward, a catamaran
With two hulls and one deck lost to the tides of time
And we will always nestle our groovy affection
Butterfly, Eskimo and French kisses and hickeys as ripe as blood oranges
And making love is like saying a prayer
With our bodies, a profession of our singularity
With quirks and foibles we keep on pedestals

And I love you – when I say that, what I mean is,
I’m yours forever. And forever is that formula
Of E=mc2 – Two beings full of energy
Practicing nuclear fusion for an infinity.

It seems Einstein invented our love.


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