Sometimes I’m like a sweet orange
Happier than a child in Disneyland
And happiness is larger than life
Like a giant Pluto or a Mickey Mouse

At times, I’m a bitter orange
Seemingly bitter at how the world treats me
Like I’m driftwood that floats
From opinion to opinion
Swelled up by lies

Sometimes I’m a tangerine
Seemingly too orange in color – as my black box
Records blank thoughts, as doubt
Takes over like a Nimbus graveyard
Covering the sky

And meanwhile, like a pumelo
I have my streaks which make marmalade
Bittersweet and bipolar
Like happiness and sorrow
Are meant to mix in my crucible

And all I know is citrus are my moods
They come in all shapes and forms
As I pluck them from my tree top
And juice them inside a blender

To pour my emotions out
For all to drink…