We walked into the restaurant
Hawkish eyes searching for Harpo – the proprietor of Bay Leaf
It was our first wedding anniversary
And we were on the verge
Of celebrating when love took center-stage
And we were her celebrants
And as I looked at my wife
Slapping a small portion of mutton lasagna in to her mouth
I could only find a cheesy expression – “I can feel my heart ring my love”
And that noise was bound to get louder
And the echo longer
And from nowhere a Seamus Heaney poem ‘A Kite for Aibhin’
Swept through me, I could see the comets
Tailing away inside her irises
And her lips tremoring like flapping kites in the wind
As I softly clasped her palm – over the tablecloth
And deep down, I knew Seamus was right
– A kite eloping with Aeolus
Was a mighty windfall
And now I was a laureate – Just like Seamus
Of what the heart’s podium could own
A creature of outer-life and inner-beauty
Who was mine forever – and ever
It was as if I had won a million Nobel Prizes – just better!
Sprigs of Bay leaves were now wreathed around my heart
And I could only hear the murmur of one word – over and over
“Michelle”, “Michelle”, “Michelle”
As if Apollo could love Daphne more?