Huffington Post

Mother Theresa

We like reading the Huffington Post
Simply because we feel like it’s that brick house
No conservative wolf can blow up with a huff and puff
And the big fat liberal pigs fattening with time
Can find a safe house in one
Just like the three little pigs

And we read about how Mother Theresa
Was the little flower of dictators – Hoxha and Duvalier
And ran unhygienic clinics for bottom dwellers of caste
And the huffs and puffs of Huffington Post
Come storming like a ruthless tornado, wiping a catholic legacy
Deracinating her taproot to humanity

And this brainchild of a liberal
In time has become the unimaginable – the sole brain of a billion liberals
Packed with a pea brain’s worth
Doing the thinking for the masses

And that brain is there for all to witness
Like a Renaissance nude leaving nothing to the imagination

Seemingly Michelangelo had very small hands……



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