A Gay Man’s Diary Entry (Fictional Piece)

I wore a closet on the outside
Until it became too tight, too anoxic, to breathe
So I came out to a cheering squad of strangers
And only then did I realize that the closet doors were never really closed
They were open all along
Down constricted passageways of flowy dreams
And pigeons holes yearning for some deposits
Of heart-matter
And freedom
Was the inflated lung that could now feel the thrush of gases
Or the throbbing heart that could push blood
Down any narrow tributary or tip
And the lifeless lips could now drip like watermelon
The hungry weeds were now
A flower bed full of colorful tulips
And the heart an open shoebox
To fill with mementos
And love was just about the same thing
Only breasts didn’t have ogling squid eyes
At their very centers
And second base was a tiny widget
That when pinched, squeals
And pillows were those strange accompaniments
You see down the road
Jiggling away
Like strange fruits on a branch
No one wants to pick……

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