Wedding Dress

My mom shakes a coconut
To see if there is enough coconut water
Seemingly a filled amniotic sac
Is a sign of a healthy nut

And for the avocadoes
She presses the pulp and buys the most tender
Seemingly soft and ripened enough
For a pulpy-green dessert

And when I met my wife
I didn’t do as my mom showed by example
I didn’t shake her to gauge the pints
Of blood inside her heart
Or feel her breasts to see how tender they were
I took her in as she was

Hope was there though – nagging away
That I would in time be the flow of her heart
And the weakness inside her bosom
After all love rarely gives you a feeling before
Only in the aftermath…..
– Once the heart ripens like a fruit

To be plucked and mashed into a serving
Of ever-last.