Freaks Of Science

Ele and giraffe

I clear my voice
And vocalize scientific words
The replication and transcription of DNA
When a DNA copy makes a copy
Of something identical or different

And I teach the wonders of evolution
Why the peacock has a mating dance
And giraffes have long necks
And all seem to arise from mating rights
The need to be alpha, to get the girl

And here we learn that monkeys have penis bones
The baculum that makes love as mechanical
As a cylindrical piston going up and down
When love-making – a misnomer
Is more bone than tissue

And at the end of the lesson
I tell my students life is mysterious
And wonderful – why sea horses are devoted fathers
And clown fish are hermaphrodites
And bonobo chimpanzees have missionary sex
And why we humans
Make the heart-works special

And love is a bedroom science
And we leak love from the heart – in words and gestures
And we chase to be stoned, to be high
To an epiphany sweeping all other senses

Leaving behind the buzz of hummingbirds
The radiance of afterglow
And feet scissored in perfect serenity

And a little dead all over…….


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