Life Begins at 40 (On my 40th B’day)

Viagra billboard in San Jose
Viagra billboard in San Jose


With age everything gets thicker
The waistline, glasses and the shirt-fit
But then you realize – as you stare at your wife –
What a blessing age is, after all, all you have to do
Is to look at the her hips and buttocks
To realize that age is a miracle worker
After all that skinny girl you married
Has now become a little bit of eye candy
– Perhaps even helped a little by your glasses’ refraction
After all being 40 is no handicap
It’s just when age becomes a little slope-like
And you try to find your brakes to slow you down
When the only mid-life crisis is to figure out
When to start taking the blue pill
And that groovy kind of love – is unlike any Phil Collins’s song
It makes you shake her with force – knowing no eggs are inside
When you realize you’re superman in bed
And that blue pill has more life than an ocean
Taking you to magical places
Only Sinbad has been before

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