Truth and Lies, Feces and Words

The only truth that leaves the human body
Is digested food and throngs of bacteria
And that they call “feces” and all the half-truths which come out
Of the other end are measured, analyzed and explained
In volumes of dictionaries and thesauruses
And that forms the lexicon of lies
After all the human existence is based
On the unswallowable and the undigestable
Lies which are parceled in wrapping-paper
And presented as tokens and presents
And in those moments, the man within comes out
To perjure in that court of law called the conscience
And when that sanctum is eroded to emptiness
There is nothing else to fight for
Except the residue of a man who stretches the truth
Until it bursts, and in that defining moment
The liar becomes just like the anus – a truth funnel
And the putrid truth can be found excreted
And the mouth needs a good washing
To cleanse her of her shame

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