Elegy on Life

On the forefront, the liberals
Were barricading the conservatives
Keeping them prisoner, while they
Strut their commandment-less lifestyles
On the passenger catwalks
There were anorexic models, only bone
And no flesh, just like their stubborn resistance
To tradition and no growth of flesh
To insulate the warmth of the heart
And just like “Pret-a-porter”
They walk naked, after all they say “anything goes”
Even lips that have kissed throngs
And don’t remember the fragrance
Or the taste of lip-traditions
Or the prostitute’s song that got
Lost somewhere in inter-galactic spaces
Far beyond memory’s capture
And as time goes on – just like cloud formation
There will be a blanket sweeping above
The human population, seemingly a salad now
And they say creamy Mayonnaise
Is a cold saturated dressing
Just like frostbite inside the conscience….

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