The Religion of Privacy



The social experiment is nearing 10 years or has surpassed it. I’m still in that Gulag in Siberia – of course I have regained some friends after I tied the knot and my social life has expanded a bit but I know that most people around me are imposters. Wasn’t that the case with the Truman Show? Truman on the first day of finding out that he was the center of the universe tried to escape it. I on the other hand cannot runaway from technology, after all they have three areas they follow me on – my actions (like in cameras), my thoughts (like in fMRI) and my penis’s arousals (thermal maps should be a good candidate here). In all fronts I’m a prisoner and every type of human, in every type of outfit, in every type of pose, in every type of liberty that try to get my mantool to wag, has failed this far. I was telling my wife recently that I haven’t had an erection to anyone but her since I got married. It seems all the suggestive women (and others) that have tried to get my attention have failed miserably.

It’s amazing that on one front, there are so many volunteer participants of this experiment – of course there is the possibility that they are coerced, which I find very unlikely. So many carriers of profound and white lies, so much pretense, so much guise, so much innuendo, so much bullying aimed at one person and that is me, Dilantha Truman, who’s swallowing two “mind-healing” pills as these people around seem to be saints and I insane. Of course then, Truman should be too. I mean he thought the same thing – and he was not.

In every experiment, man-controlled, there is a mandatory clause which says that you should get the consent of the individual who is subjected to the treatment. No one has asked me so far, which makes me think that Big Brother must be a shitting-in-the-pants coward, who only wears his big boots and carries his throne behind technology. I mean, can there be a bigger coward in contemporary society than a bullying prick who hides beneath technology ?

It seems I would have stayed longer than any Jew inside a concentration camp. Only the gulag-inhabitants have stayed longer in isolation. I don’t see myself as a Solzhenitsyn, I’m frankly more of a modern Neruda, who loves to write about love in a time of polio or crippled consciences. At least my writing bloomed during my incarceration – but that is too little to comfort oneself. What they have taken away from me, my human rights, the primal need for man to have solitude and conjugal freedom and some parts of sanity. I, of course, know that heaven awaits me and that my halo will carry me there. If you’ve been a good person all your life, why should you be scared to call yourself a do-gooder or a prude. Maybe I’m banished from vice-driven society but I’m proud of who am I – Someone who spent 10 years or more in a gulag and still feels no deep resentment or a sense of revenge at the tyrants.

I’m turning 40 this Friday and God knows where my life will be afterwards. I know whatever God has in stored to me, I will always be a champion of him and him of me. God is not just a fossil of a creator, he is the force behind fate and it was God that took me on this hardship, to show the world, that the truth is mightier than all the baseless lies. The truth has a longer shelf life and someday within this life or after my demise, the world will see the real Dilantha. Maybe all the damage would have been done by then. Maybe too many people would regret every ounce of misery they threw at me – maybe they won’t. The only certainty is that technology has been defeated by one man, who cried technology out. It’s time we see the pitfalls and the black holes of technology and call them as we see it. Maybe I am more popular than Edward Snowden now, maybe I’m not, but at least both of us will have the same fate – we will be martyrs in the devout religion of privacy.


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