I told my buddy
“hey man, I don’t booze
I don’t believe in pre-marital sex
And I want to sleep with one woman
For the rest of my life”
He looked at me and his face said it all
My life was wasted in his mercurial eyes
He looked at me and said
‘I’ve slept with 9 women
I’ve boozed at hundreds of pubs
I hate Christianity and the myth of God”
And I looked at him
And thought the same line of thought
“What a wasted life”
After all, in this polarized world
We co-exist like a five rupee coin
Heads and tails living on separate sides
One on top and the other bottom-dwelling
Only meeting on the perfect
Perimeter of a circle fence
We win on some verbal battlegrounds
We lose some, and at the end of the day
We are strangers holding each other hostage
To what we cannot understand
Staring at a dark room
With a warning sign
After all, there is nuclear energy
In clouded eyes of incomprehension
And they say it takes only two
For binary fission