My wife is my little penguin
Visibly knocked knees – although funny and wobbly
Seemingly restricts you from many sexual positions
And makes you a holy missionary
Of the missionary……
Still she has chubbish stubby thighs
That waddle to work and back
And I love her for all of that….
Sometimes she wears socks in bed
And makes goats hoof out of that – to post it on Facebook
And all the troubles of knocked-knees are long forgotten
After all I don’t love her for the variety
Or for the Bedlam on bed, I love her for who she is
A woman who waited for me till marriage
And held me through my stage fright
And made the man out of me
After all, love is like goat’s feet
They can climb the steepest hill
Even the tops of trees
And when they are perched on top
You know that love has reached her pinnacle
For an eternity to roost….