Kiss 2

I texted you “have a nice day”
Seemingly lost for other words
– The hackneyed they say has a powerful voice –
And in that morning ritual, I found a little humdrum
Of what is absent yet thought-provoking
What we take for granted – An SMS

And when I see you back again at twilight
As I open the gate and let you in
When your lips is a touchpad
And my lips are the fingers
And a short message is relayed
From lip-convex to lip-concave
From open to closure

And then I wonder whether that ritual
– A peck on the lips –
Is the SMS to making love
– And there’s even an emoticon for that !
But then I look at you
As I see your eyes glimmer with splendor
And the lips searching for more

And then I know
That no SMS can ever replace
A kiss, after all liplock needs no carrier
Or encryption or shortened forms
It evolves in complete chemistry
In bond-formation and release
And holds a moment called touch
When everything else disappears
To an oblivion

And taste basks on the ledge
Of heaven, leaving an aftertaste
Of a perfect Elysium.