Escaping Mundanity

Kiss 2

A heart lost in transience
Lost is the conga drum
And found to the hum drum
Boredom they say is like leprosy
It eats away what is left
A bacterium that chews patience
And serenity, as fingertips
Play a tune of its own on scribble-pad desk-tops
And the foot-pedal is like
A rock star making grunge music

And in this mundane world
The heart seeks, what is unvarnished
And rugged, like the old boat
That floats on heart-waves
And drowns in flesh-desires
And in that vessel you find one piece
Of precious cargo
That can never be loaned
Only given in ribbon-strings
And polka-dot wrapping

And with that gift
Boredom bids sayonara
Perhaps even committing hara-kiri
As love blooms
Like a Sakura blossom
Ushering in spring….


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