rupee coin

The toffee covered in synthetic wrappers
Bought from the tummy-scratching Mudalali (vendor)
What he gives as change is scarce now
Seemingly in the monetary world
The dinosaurs are all small and dainty
Unlike inside Jurassic park
Where oviparous giants make meals out of gluttony
And here, the rupee is fighting a street battle
Against the government budget
And the double-digit inflation
Drowning in an ocean of plastic cards
And 5000 marked notes, but then, when you ask
The beggar sitting outside the bakery store
You know that the impish rupee
Is a dime trail to a seeni-sambal bun
And a milk packet, after all a copper coin
Is the currency of happiness
Slipped out from the till-slot
Of a lowly pauper’s smile