A Sensitive Man

Ring Love

A man nevertheless
Rare and all out beta in a meadow of alphas
A man of inner strength and outer fragility
Perhaps even a HSP – A Highly Sensitive Personality
Seemingly weak in the eyes
Of the graceful gender, a man scarred
By coupons of exclusion, rejected by generous bosoms
And hourglass hips,  a lad who wears glasses
For myopia and an awkward smile – a guise for inner pain
The Achilles heart that has no Cupid’s arrowhead
The rugged jetty that has no hull
Jettisoned by the female heart
A castaway on an isle of solitude
Yet a man who persevered against all odds
And made love a journey of self-discovery
Who will mine the ore of sensitivity
From the depths of the soul
After all Aurum is only for the highest bidder
When Aurora wades through intercostal gaps of ribs
And shines inside a dark lonely room
Saving a wretched heart
With the dawn of love…….


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