Continents rose
The rumble in the jungle
The cheers of Manilla slums
And the roar of Madison Square Garden
A man who defied odds, establishment
And fate and held the world
In his mighty palms……..

When in a damascene conversion
– As Cassius became Ali –
The wrath of fists became hurricanes of fury
As one man defied Uncle Sam
And became an all-American icon
A superstar to throngs

Ali, Ali, Ali, the crowd shouted
As butterflies fluttered
And bees stung………
And the unruly was now the rule
As Spartacus’s thrash talk
Transformed to poetic verses

And here stood – pound to pound
A man who defied all comparisons
And rose to the pinnacle
Of the superlative

For “the greatest”
Is not a triumphant accolade
Merely a glorious epithet – which forever will rest
As an immortal epitaph


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