Like Dogs…


Dogs are wizards
Of the small and the nonsensical
They sniff their back sides and chase tails
They lick everything from playmates to paws
Even roll on the ground and play tumbling games
On varnished floors, fine carpets and green lawns
And we humans too are seemingly like dogs
We push our tongues down honey pots
And sniff and taste honeycombs – and we call that making love….
We pinch, spank and slap generous buns
In affection and playtime and admittedly, we will roll on top
Of each other, licking petri dishes and unhygienic places
And we chase tails calling them booty calls
And when the night is finally over
You can see the lazy ones – seemingly like street dogs
Stretched out on lofty beds, sleeping on their favored sides
Sometimes mouth wide-open – for the flies to sneak in
And when morning arrives, we roll a bit and yawn a lot
And then scratch the most unlikely of places
And jump on to buy and sell our belongings
In this flea market we called life
Knowing very well, we can only be canines
In our dog days of youth….


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