You find her in that ancient
Idiom, about a juicy fruit perched
Between two trees, and a dress of a million
Sunlit eyes seemingly stitched together
And slowly undressed by knife-peel
And that succulent body is a blend of lemon and bumble bee
A tad dimmer than the Tuscan sun
Yet possessing more beef than kernels of maize
And slowly peel-by-peel, her naked body emerges
Of a far-east princess – a little bit Geisha and a lot more Mestiza
Crashing through saliva waves and crumbling to juice-puree
And when embellished with a hearty-spike of coconut cream
And a whisk of rum, you find an irresistible pina-colada
Served on a beach in Palawan or a bar in Manilla
After all this apple is simply penance in ochre
A yellow-candy stick or wedge, served as an indelible narcotic
Admittedly some skinned yellowcake
For a maxilla-shattering buccal explosion
Of nuclear taste…..