It is oven-baked – A dough base topped with
Bacon, chicken ham, olives and green peppers
Embedded in a mesh of cheese and the Italians call it pizza
In Sri Lanka it loses the fizz and is called “Pissa” – mad man
And in those mad toppings is a culinary hodge-podge
Symbolic of what is tragically life today
After all, we rarely taste the dough – a person’s inner beauty
We look at the tasteful cheesy toppings
And buy a pizza over the counter, to indulge in raw love-making
And here in this unusual metaphor
Rests garnished bread – that gives us a hearty lesson
That although the topping is merry and tasteful
It is the dough that quenches
Our hunger akin to a heart’s mainstay………
Inner beauty, it seems, masquerades
As love cloaked in Mozzarella-skin